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Like so many of you, we love looking at photos of other people’s Caribbean moments, and every once in a while we come across an Instagram account that we love! We started following Andy Johnson’s IG (@duppykankera) a few months back. We loved it immediately and have shared some of his photos on our own IG account and Facebook page. Andy captures his beloved country of Grenada beautifully and innocently: The every day life, the vibrant colors and the people. We had to meet this guy!

We caught up with Andy recently (lucky us!) and  here is what we uncovered:

UYC: Hello Andy! Tell us about yourself!

AJ: I am a 39 year old married father of two; I am a customs Officer by profession. I love all types of music, with an affinity for Roots Reggae, Jazz Blues, and Soul. I also read a lot, anything I get my hands on, I believe that every page of a book read, is knowledge gained.

UYC: We enjoy all your photos, especially those of your home country of Grenada. What impact does the island have on your photography?

AJ: Thank you very much…..The Island has everything to do with my photos, from the mountainous views, beaches, forests and even the unique culture of our people. The beauty is everywhere you look so it’s very natural that I capture what’s around me.


UYC: What is your favorite part of the island to photograph? And Why?

AJ: My favorite part of the island to photograph is the inner parts (Rainforest) and for more than one reason. The first being, that it’s not that easily accessible so it’s less photographed and thus appeals more to people viewing them, I love nature so there I am very relaxed, also, in the forest, the photos can range from waterfalls all the way down to the Insects on the forest floor.



UYC: Are there any parts of the island you believe should be featured/visited more?

AJ: Yes, the Northern part of the island, specifically the parish of St. Patrick’s. This area is rich in History with structures dating back to the 18th century and the people there also hold onto the traditional Grenadian way of life.

UYC: If someone had only 24 hours in Grenada, where should they go, what should they see? Better yet, what and where should they eat?!

AJ: The island is only 133 Square miles so that’s more than enough time to explore in 24 hours, so it can range from trips to the many beautiful beaches in the south to the waterfalls and lakes at the inner parts of the island, where you can be greeted by Mona Monkeys!! Hikes to Fedon’s Camp or Mt Qua Qua, River tubing at Balthazar….and I can go on and on. Did I mention the underwater sculpture park at Halifax Bay? Places to eat can Range from as Local/Traditional as Patrick’s Eating Delight, to as International as The Beach House at Point Saline….But it’s Worth trying as much dishes as you can , e ven wild Meat (Possom/Manicou, Armadillo/Tatoo and Ramier a sort of Wood Pigeon) that’s available during the hunting season October to December.


UYC: If you could sum up the soul of Grenada in one photo, which one would it be? And why?

AJ: I think that Picture would have to be of the St George’s Market Square on a Saturday morning, its where Grenadians from all walks of life congregate to shop for fresh produce (Meats, fish, ground provisions and spices). It’s more of a social gathering where the women mostly meet to chat about topics ranging from food to politics to even the latest gossip!

UYC: We agree!!



You can see more photos of Andy’s Grenada here:





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